by Forthteller



released July 7, 2017



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Track Name: Of Nothing
Here we stand looking beyond the visages of feigned hope.
Outline our fears
A system of apologies for a path that will never be clear
Our eyes set upon definition:

what does it mean to exist?

The spaces that define what we mean noumenal and phenomenal realms (1)
Lost in the gap in between where we justify an existence, self-perpetuated persistence (2) filled with every form of resistance.
And now we stand, firmly planted on a bed of sand, counting the days that we spend turning the pages in a discontinuous mass of lines and phrases (3)

Alpha and Omega,

Beginning to end, we search on without a guide

Defining the shadows that reside in the mind of the Architect (4)

Self-delusions crafting illusions that creates a kaleidoscope of indiscernible forms
This void fills our chests,
we burn out, the unrelenting spark of an idea

The stale taste of sulfur filling our final breath.
Heaving as we actualize our existence (5)

And this corporeal plague of paradoxes boils up on my skin, the tormenting lament of this cauldron of doubt (6).


(1) Kant believed that there is an unbridgeable gap between what we experience (Phenomena) and the real world that exists outside of our perception (Noumena). This unbridgeable gap opened a whole line of philosophical questioning that ultimately led to an entire reassessment of our ability to know anything about the world.
(2) Nietzsche rejected the notion of purpose being imparted to us by a divine being. Instead, he proposed that it is incumbent upon us to make up and define our own purpose.
(3) Sartre
(4) Plato's forms as interpreted by Augustine.  
(5) Koestler argued that the only way that one could truly control their life and define themselves was through suicide.
(6) In the Brother’s Karamazov, Dostoevsky argues that the only way to truly hold to the truth of a world view was to go through what he referred to as the cauldron of doubt. For Dostoevsky, untested and unexamined faith or belief had no real merit.
Track Name: Empire
We seek the sweet fruition of an earthly crown! (2)
To hang on our sepulcher, as we rot in the ground.  

Burn the bodies!
Tear them limb from limb!

Catalogue the categories of our self destruction.
Willful men with nefarious minds

Slaughter in the wake of self-advancement
Progress at the cost of generations
The untold stories of the countless breaths we've ceased
Unbridled manifestations of ruinous self-perpetuation derived from desolate minds
We answer only to ourselves
We are the gods of our own existence.
Sworn to none but our own pursuits.
We will reach the pinnacle of grandeur
On a pyramid of bodies! (3)

Distorting perception
Rhetoric from the serpent's tongue
The art of oppression
Destruction from the tyrant's lungs

The princes of a kingdom built on death.
Fashioned from the bones of lowly men.
Send them to their graves
With the words of a tyrant

We are the incarnation of death

(1) The reference here is to the struggle for dominance and truth in a society forged by the dichotomy between rule of law and exceptionalism as depicted in Waiting for the Barbarians by J.M. Coetzee.
(2) Tamburlaine; Marlowe
(3) Waiting for the barbarians
Track Name: Evolve
Traverse back to the genesis from which we subsist
Rejoin the poets of a past so long forgotten (1)
Recount the fissure spelled out across the span of time
The chasm that binds us at the seams
The Space that fills the void in-between

Mired in the filth (2) we call home
Crawling across a shore of perpetual progress
We’ve grown in stature, the outgrowths of our development reaching toward the heavens
Taking shape, we set ourselves apart
Self-aware, now self-deceived
A product of our own success
Crafting fire toward a better end (3)
Survived the worst and scorched the earth (4)

Unreproved, if undesired (5)
The pinnacle of purpose
The apex parasite of paradox
Pillaging the populations of our predecessors
But our vanity requires no appreciation (6)
Of this proof of our insanity, which should incite our indignation,
The wholeness of humanity resting on recapitulation.
These vestiges only serve to occupy our curiosity.
Lines of code outdated by our progress
Rendered obsolete by random chance
Rendered obsolete by random chance
by random chance

But we've come to realize our own illusions
We endlessly reject what we’ve received
The texts all enlighten our delusions
So, we tirelessly Construct
monuments to sate our lusts

Phantasms to quell our Existential Angst (8)
Joined by a single haunting question

Why do we exist?!
Why do we persist?! (9)


(1) a reference to ancient accounts of creation
(2) a simultaneous reference to primordial ooze and the fallen state of humanity.
(3) Discovered fire
(4) Fire used for destructive military purposes (research historical reference for this)
(5) The Waste Land; Ln 291; T.S. Eliot
(6) The Waste Land; Ln 296; T.S. Eliot
(7) The general lack of sophistication embodied by the evolutionary theory of recapitulation seems, to me, emblematic of the ridiculousness of the entire endeavor.
(8) Existential Angst, as defined by Nihilistic philosophers, generally entails the freedom and responsibility of individual existence. The freedom to create our existence and the responsibility following our choosing to do so creates a fearful anguish. If by some trick of ingenuity we can remove this angst by creating idols that narrow the freedom inherent in our cognizant existence, we can mitigate the anxiety associated with our existence.
(9) Agent Smith; The Matrix Trilogy
Track Name: Tiresias
Look on into the valley of the dead. (1)
The remnants of lovers so long forgot.
Let us lament the torment (2) that they fought
Let us forsake the torrid words they said

Because these self-loathing liars have led
Us to believe the lessons we were taught:
The pinnacle of existence is brought
Near to whole as the intellect is shed

What beats in our chest knows many mistakes
Our shared folly always turns to the worst
The binds that hold us that we cannot break

Keep us kneeling on this ground that You have cursed (3)
Our heads are filled with thoughts we cannot shake
None of these wells will satisfy our thirst (4)

Tormented by your fabricated lust
Precisely mirrored to our delusion
We pander to our own self-disgust
Submitting our minds to your illusion

You've bound us with endless fascination
Captivated by such a narrow trope
Firmly possessed by our infatuation
We’ve fallen victim to feigned hope

Vainly now, an ancient (5) voice pleads
To see our hearts and minds return
From the place where the shadow leads
To see what we have failed to learn

Blind witness, you see our vanities (6)
And our deepest insecurities

(1) General reference to love poetry, especially pertaining to the Petrarchan conception of "love-sickness" and "the hunter’s lament"
(2) Unrequited love is painful
(3) Genesis: God cursing the ground
(4) lust vs. satiated
(5) interesting correlation can be drawn between this and Mary Wroth's poetry on unrequited hope
(6) Ancient of Days, simultaneously Tiresias
(7) A reference to the Ovidian and Eliot appearances of Tiresias the blind seer. Harkens the sonneteer's use of pagan classical allusion.
Track Name: The Crux
The ancient words of a guiltless man
Reverberate voiceless through a crowd of wolves
A Man of sorrows sent to die
The death of a thief
Separated from eternity
Condemned in the name of piety
We silenced the "blasphemer"!
As a testament to truth
Turn your eyes
Observe the pinnacle of subversion
Fixed to a lamp post for all to see
Hung as a testament to our ingenuity
A trophy of His great design
Brick by brick
We dismantled the temple
Etching the epigraph of enmity
Into the forsaken cornerstone of peace.
Do you hear the voices
Hailing the spectacle
The chorus of unity
Do you hear the voices
Mocking the miserable
He has counted his bones
Collected the ones in your closet
To trade for His own
To the sound of scoffers
The architect reframed eternity
Why do you seek the living,
Among the graves?
These sepulchers are home
to dust and bones.